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“Pictorial and decorative are like fire and water.”

Michonze -  Selfportrait 1918

Early years and the surrealist temptation

Michonze investigates different « isms » : fauvism, cubism - but surrealism leaves the most lasting impact.

Michonze - Figures and landscape 1930

A choice : poetical realism

His style asserts itself, to become what he later calls « surreal naturalism ».

Michonze - Untitled (War scene with water carrier) 1940

War and after

After the breach : fighting upstream against the current of abstraction.

Michonze - Women and old man 1956

Towards greater freedom

A more animated surface and a larger approach.

Michonze -  La ronde (The ring) 1971

The matt and lighter period

Giving up varnish generates a more luminous atmosphere...


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